Simply tiramisu

tiramisuwsI don’t know about you, but I’m a sweet addict. Maybe not all the time, but when I do, there is nothing which stands in the way between me and a cake or a bar of chocolate. The Germans have a perfect word for such people as me, Naschkatze, which means a cat loving to nibble on sweet things.

So as one, not many things make me so unhappy, as the fact that I have nothing to munch on at home. And exactly that happened lately. Considering I usually have something stored and hidden for exactly such eventuality, it felt double irritating that this time I found nothing. Some crunchy cornflakes with honey helped a little, but it definitely wasn’t it. Out of lack of chocolate, and any other cookies, I decided to bake something. I didn’t have enough to bake a whole cake, but it was enough for christmas cookies. To be honest, it doesn’t sound as crazy as you might think, considering it was snowing few days ago. But if it doesn’t appeal to you as much as the chocolate bar, and to get to the original reason of this post, here is something much better!

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like tiramisu. I do believe it’s the most beloved dessert. I’ve seen, and tasted, quite a few variations over the years,including one with nuts and oranges (yeah, right?) But to be honest, the original is by far my favourite. I only added less sugar.

Serves 4-6. Preparation time: 15 min. Cooling time: at least an hour.

500g mascarpone

a pack of biscuits

small cup of caffee (ca 110ml / 3,75oz)

70g sugar

2 tbsp of amaretto

4 egg yolks

tiramisu8msAdd the sugar and the egg yolks to a bowl, and mix together until frothy. Gradually add the mascarpone and the amaretto. Keep mixing until the mass is smooth and the lumps are gone.

Pour earlier made coffee to a soup plate, and one by one, soak the biscuits. Try not to drench the biscuits too much, rather soak the bottom half of the biscuit. The liquid will still be absorbed but the biscuits won’t be too mushy.

Place the biscuits next to each other at the bottom of a dish, and pour enough mascarpone over to cover it. Put another layer of biscuits over it and cover again with the mascarpone mass. Repeat, depending on how much of the mascarpone mass you have.

Put the tiramisu in the fridge for at least an hour. Sprinkle with cocoa powder and roasted almonds before serving.

A little tip: if caffeine in the evening is a deal for you, use decaf coffee istead. It doesn’t affect the taste and you can enjoy the evening without being over excited.

DSC_tiramisu2DSC_tiramisu3DSC_tiramisu4tiramisu6mstiramisu (1 of 1)tiramisu2ms


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