Homemade chocolate ice cream

The Spring, after a rough beginning, is finally here. Everything’s blooming, and although some mornings it’s still a little bit frosty, the temperature during the day stays in enjoyable mid 20ÂșC.

It’s so beautiful, that even I, a winter enthusiast, am looking forward to going outside. We even reactivated our little ritual of stopping for an ice cream on our way home. The little ice cream parlour near our place, is also getting busier every day. Continue reading “Homemade chocolate ice cream”

Easy to make ice cream- Rum & Rasins flavour


I remember, when I was a kid, my mum used to make ice cream. I can’t say if she used any ready made mix, but I remember she used lots of milk and a hand mixer. Sometimes she would let me do the work after she prepared all the ingredients. It tasted very milky (obviously). Sometimes she would do it chocolate or fruit flavoured, and it all tasted very good. Continue reading “Easy to make ice cream- Rum & Rasins flavour”