Dinner in 20min: Tortellini with minced meat in creamy tomato sauce

4The weather outside seems to be THE topic these days. It’s grey, rainy, windy and everyone is expecting snow. And it should fall soon. When I started wearing my wellingtons around beginning of October during the rainy days I was met with rather amused faces. Well, nobody is laughing now.

Coming home and deciding what to cook, our thoughts fall mostly on comfort food, something quick and warm. Continue reading “Dinner in 20min: Tortellini with minced meat in creamy tomato sauce”

Simple pasta with chanterelles


They’re yellow, they’re mushrooms and now it’s the season. Yes, I’m talking about chanterelles. Actually the season started some time ago already, but let’s skip the technicalities. These funny mushrooms, with almost female-likeĀ  name, cause my heart to skip a bit everytime I see them on the shelf in the shop. I think these are the best mushrooms. Continue reading “Simple pasta with chanterelles”

Kohlrabi curry with pine nuts and spring onions

71My last post is over a week overdue and I feel awful. A fine foodbloger I am. Coming home from work much later doesn’t really leave much time, or energy, to try something new. Especially when you realise you still have to do the shopping. But that is a part of being an adult, right? We press the butt cheeks together and deal with it. Continue reading “Kohlrabi curry with pine nuts and spring onions”