Mushroom ragout with Polenta dumplings


It’s been a while since my last post. Longer than I wanted, but the last week was pretty rough on us. We had three different medical conditions in the house and it got even more hectic towards the end of the week. Due to the sleepless nights and pains we even forgot the pancake day! So when the weekend came, we wanted to take it easy. Continue reading “Mushroom ragout with Polenta dumplings”

Kohlrabi curry with pine nuts and spring onions

71My last post is over a week overdue and I feel awful. A fine foodbloger I am. Coming home from work much later doesn’t really leave much time, or energy, to try something new. Especially when you realise you still have to do the shopping. But that is a part of being an adult, right? We press the butt cheeks together and deal with it. Continue reading “Kohlrabi curry with pine nuts and spring onions”