Christmas gift ideas from the kitchen

DSC_7210It’s about week before christmas. It’s the highest time to be ready with christmas cards and presents, if you want to avoid the christmas rush in shops. But I know from experience that the question what to get someone can be difficult. But have you tried giving someone something self made? There can be lots of options in this area. Self made pillow cases, t-shirts with unique design made with textile markers, small photo album. Or you could just knit a sweater. But that I think will take some time, and I think starting date should be around June? Unless of course you’re very good at that. But maybe a scarf? And what about something edible? A marmalade or some sweets perhaps? You have one idea below! And if you don’t know what to give a new colleague at work, your new housemate or you simply want to make someone happy, these little pralines will help you with that!

DSC_7161It makes for about 40 pralines:

200g plain chocolate

200g milk chocolate

200g cream

100g soft butter

40ml amaretto

For the coating

400g white chocolate

200g cocoa powder

Chop the plain and milk chocolate. Heat the cream in a pot, add the prepared chocolate and let it melt. Move from the stove. Beat the butter and add with amaretto to the chocolate. Stir until smooth and let it cool in a cold place for at least 2 hours.

After that time, form small balls using a teaspoon. Place again somewhere cold.

For the coating, chop the white chocolate and melt in a double boiler. Place the praline on a fork and pour the white chocolate over it with a spoon. Place it on a baking sheet and let it cool.

Alternatively you can just roll the pralines in cocoa powder.

If you don’t want it to contain alkohol, simply use almond or coconut sirup instead of amaretto.



One response to “Christmas gift ideas from the kitchen”

  1. They are so delicious.
    I need more… Much more.
    My stomach cry and cry,
    My eyes looks carefully… But the cute bag will not be refilled.

    Kate, thank you for you great pralines. We love them.

    Get well, soon!!!



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