New year’s resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you partied well, without the side effects this morning!

Today is not about food. The beginning of a new year is a good time to close unfinished businesses and set new goals. As the 1st of January is the most popular date to start new resolutions, from dieting, being more organised or to quit smoking, I want to share with you my resolution for this year. Aside of making this year the best yet, I decided to make a happiness jar! Maybe you have heard of it? If not, I encourage you to try. The idea is very simple, but requires a little bit of regularity. Everyday you write down something that made you happy, made you smile and feel good that day, and then you put this note in the happiness jar. It is a very simple idea of finding something good in every day. It should also be quite a reading at the end of the year where you can read all the notes.DSC_7606wsAnd with the wishes of as many happy moments and successful resolutions I wish you an amazing new year!

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