Chocolate cake

DSC_7943wsI don’t bake cakes very often. Somehow I got it in my mind that it’s not really my strength. I think it happened after I tried one yogurth cake which, after endless attempts, was still far from being well baked. Well, we all meet our nemesis one day, right? But contrary to that yogurth cake, there is one that never fails me. It’s this chocolate cake. To be honest I totally forgot about it. Until recently when I was looking for my old notebook, I found a carefully written recipe for this cake my friend has given me. And although I made it quite a few times since then, it never lost its “mhmm” efect.

Preparation time: 10min    bake time: 25min       You need:

200g milk chocolate

6 eggs

100g sugar

80g plain flour

200g butter

2tbsp of sugar for the caramel

DSC_7854wsPreheat the oven to 200º. In a pan melt the chocolate with butter until soft. Set aside.

Beat the eggs and sugar in a bowl, then add the flour. Stir until smooth. Slowly pour the chocolate to the mix and stir. Pour the mix to a tart form and put in the oven. Bake for 25min.

Put the sugar in a pan and heat it up until it starts to caramelise. Using a spoon pour a little bit of the caramel, making forms you want, over prepared baking sheet or tin foil. Leave it aside to cool. When the caramel is firm scoop it and decorate the cake before serving.DSC_7936wsDSC_7924wsDSC_7947ws

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