Easy to make breakfast rolls

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I don’t know about you, but I love freshly baked bread. Warm and crunchy and that smell. Heaven! It doesn’t take long until the whole loaf is gone. But truth the be told- I’m not an early bird. So going to the bakery early in the morning is a little bit challenging. Other than that I find it practical to know how to bake your own bread. And anyway, who doesn’t like a home that smells of freshly baked goods?

I did try to bake bread on my own few times, but let’s say my skills aren’t quite there yet. It didn’t exaclty turn out as I wanted it. Even though it’s not that dificult. But rolls are definitely a good start! Also because when you’re happy with your creation, you’re definitely more motivated than after you discover your first bread is so breakable you can’t even cut it. True story!

So if you would also like to bake your own rolls you’re in the right place! I’m using this recipe a good few years now, and the rolls are always delicious.

Preparation time: ca 40min                      Baking time: 30min

For 8 rolls you need:

500g flour (2 cups)

300ml water (10 oz)

25g yeast (or 7g dry)

1 tsp salt

1 tsp honey

a little bit of milk for coating

dried herbs, sesame seeds, chopped olives- optional

Sift the flour and add the salt. If you like your rolls with herbs or any other additives add them to the flour and mix.

Crubmle the the yeast to small pieces and put it in a small bowl. Add the honey and pour few tsp of water, covering it. When they dissolve, pour it to the flour and mix. Add the remaining water and bring the ingredients to a dough-like state using a hand mixer.

Take it out and knead for around 5 minutes until smooth and elastic. Form a round ball, put it back in the bowl, cover with a cloth and let it grow for 30min at room temperature.

If you prefer not to wait, just put the dough in the microwave on the lowest level for ca 2min, that should do the trick.

After your dough is double the size, knead it for another minute, then split it in half with a knife and do that again until you have 8 evenly sized pieces. One by one, knead them to make small balls, then flatten them a little so they look like thicker burgers. The dough will grow in the oven, and by flattening it, it will get a nice round shape when they are ready.

Cover the baking tray with a baking sheet and put the 8 pieces on it. You can cut the top of the rolls if you like. Using a brush, smear a little bit of milk on them. Put your masterpiece in the oven (doesn’t have to be preheated) and bake for ca 30min in 200ºC (390ºF). When ready cool them on the rack. You can store them up to 2 days or freeze.

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12 responses to “Easy to make breakfast rolls”

    • haha same here! But the beauty of this recipe is it’s pretty straightforward and you don’t have to worry which type of flour you’re using. It can also impress the in-laws :) You never know!

      Liked by 1 person

    • So excited to hear you’ve tried it! :) But I hope they were still good,even though a bit more crispy? I hope you won’t get discouraged.


      • Hi Kate! I was wondering if u had a recipe for soft buns or bread rolls. We tried our hand at these stuffed pizza dough knots. The dough as such comes out beautifully but once we bake it, it is really hard on the outside ( we run it at 200°C for about 15-20 mins) the insides r soft.
        Would you have a recipe for something that has a similar consistency to usual bread or like burger buns : soft inside and out ?


  1. Hi Nisheeta! :) thank you for your comment and that you gave it another try! I have few more recipes. Let me look for them and I’ll email them to you.


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