Salmon on green vegetables

Yes, it’s been weeks since I last posted anything. Since then I changed the layout of the blog, climbed few mountains, got sick and got 2nd degree burns, but most of all, the heat is driving me nuts. Everything that required longer than 5 minutes in the kitchen was off limits. As a winter person and bad weather fan, I patiently wait for the first signs of Autumn. Not that I don’t like sun, but temperatures over 25ºC are just not mine.

And I think my hopes were heard, since the weekend looks rather gloomy and grey. It makes me hope for some rain which I could watch and listen to outside, sitting comfortably on my balcony with a glas of wine. In the meantime the cake is in the oven and the dinner is ready. Today on the menu- salmon on green vegetables, our favourite.

Prep time: 20min                                                                     cooking time 10min

serves 2

300g salmon filet

5cm ginger, finely chopped

3 garlic cloves

4 tbsp soy sauce

200g broccoli

1 leek

juice of one orange

Preheat the oven grill.

Wash the salmon and remove the skin. Put in an oven proof dish and sprinkle with the half of ginger and chopped garlic, and drizzle with 2 tbsp of soy sauce. Put it in the oven and grill it for ca 8-10min until golden brown, turning once.ingwerlachs2ws

Wash the broccoli and cut in florets. Put in a pan along with 5 tbsp of water and cook on the middle heat. Cut the leek in rings and add the the pan. When the water evaporates add some oil to the pan and increase the heat.

ingwerlachs13wsAdd the rest of the garlic, ginger and soy sauce and let it simmer for few minutes. Pour the orange juice and simmer for another minute, or until the vegetables are crisp to your liking . Remove from the heat and arrange on the plates. Divide the fish with a fork and arrange on the vegetables and serve.


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