Happy Easter and smoked salmon and eggs tartare for breakfast

What’s the best thing about Easter? Is it the beginning of spring, time with the family, or the easter egg hunt? For me it’s the long Easter Sunday breakfast which often lasts until early afternoon, with hearty and sweet treats piled up on the table. It’s probably the only time of the year where I can stay in my pyjama all day, without that disapproving look on my mum’s face. And while the smell of freshly brewed coffee is slowly spreading and the first eggs are cracked in a battle, discussions on where to find the eggs are made, and the question of who ate the ears of the Easter bunny can no longer be ignored..

Of course the eggs play a big role, not only as a colourful decoration. Poached, benedict, deviled, scrambled, boiled or in a salad-there are plenty of ways of serving it. But this has been my favourite for a while. The only drawback is, it vanishes too quickly.

Aside of eggs, cheese and other good stuff, we usually make a radish cream, recipe for which you can also find below.

For the salmon and eggs tartare:

serves 4

preparation time: 10min

4 hard boiled eggs

ca 100g smoked salmon

1 pickled cucumber

fresh dill

3 Tbsp mayonnaise

2 tsp horseradish cream

salt and pepper


Peel the eggs, and cut in cubes along with the cucumber and salmon. Set few stalks of dill aside, then chop the rest. Combine the mayonnaise, the horseradish, salt and pepper together, and stir in chopped dill. Add the salmon, eggs and the cucumber to the mayonnaise and mix well. Spread the tatar on baguette slices and garnish with dill leaf.

For the radish cream:

serves 4

preparation time: 5min

200g cream cheese

a bunch of radishes (ca 100g or 10 radishes)

pinch of salt

fresh chive or cress

Move the cheese to a small bowl and soften with a fork. Wash the radishes, cut the ends, and grate on a grater with small holes. Combine the two ingredients and season with salt. Serve with fresh chive or cress on a baguette.

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