Cupcakes and muffins

  • Simple apple muffins The star of today’s post is, as you could probably guess, an apple. I don’t think there is any other fruit that can be used in so many ways. You can enjoy it raw, in cakes, marmalades, salads, juices, soups, pancakes, wine- you name it. The thing I like most about apples, aside of the […]
  • White chocolate muffins Any chocolate fans here? If so, how about a chocolate muffin? A white chocolate muffin. Moist, fluffy and so hard to resist. The taste and the smell bring the aroma of toffee or caramel to mind.
  • Apple and cranberry muffins Looking through the archive of what I have posted I cannot help but wonder how is that possible that I only have 2 muffin recipies? Considering it is one of the things I bake very often and have fed a considarate amount of them to my colleagues, it is a huge negligence on my part. […]
  • Eggnog cupcakes with pudding cream We were invited for dinner to our friends the other day, and somehow there is this unspoken rule that whoever is invited has to bring the dessert. Well, not sure this is entirely true, as wine is also a good idea. Something home baked has that personal touch though. I was planning on bringing some […]
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