• Aloo Gobi- indian potatoe and cauliflower curry Today’s dinner is presented by a cauliflower. I have already shared few recipes with this beautiful bulb in focus. Admittingly everytime I buy one I mostly go for the cauliflower puree, or cut the bulb in smaller florets to use as a side. But this veggie can so much more! One of the very good […]
  • Simple beetroot salad When I started sorting out my recipes by category, only then I noticed I didn’t post any side dishes so far. Well, sure, sometimes a cooked broccoli or roasted vegetables are enough. I would however like to share also other ideas. Starting with this beetroot salad, which something my family prepares very often.
  • Carrot soup with an orienal twist I hope you are enjoying Winter as much as I do. I have been covered in snow for the good part of this year, and mind you, the year just began. Well, more like I had to go away to see the real Winter, but who wouldn’t want to wander in waist-deep snow in -20C […]
  • Rice with roasted vegetables My “no meat and no sugar” – challenge is over by now and I’m happy I did it. It definitely was fun. And a little bit of an achievement. Though I had to get over sugar, there is enough substitute for meat. The curious foodie in me even reached for meatless meatballs, where the list […]
  • Chickpeas and spinach curry I’m sure everyone has that special food we just always have in our cupboards. Something that always comes in handy when we cook, let it be canned tomatoes, mozarella or fresh herbs. For me it’s the can of tomatoes, followed very closely by a can of chickpeas. It’s something I took from my uni days.
  • Indian lentil soup with coconut milk In my last post, I mentioned that we are doing a meat and sugar free month. We did this once last year, but beside meat and sugar, we also gave up alcohol for a month. The first few days were Ok, but after that ..
  • Ratatouille on a bean paste We didn’t do anything fancy culinary wise for a while. Either we ate something at work and skipped the cooking for the evening, or we just went out. But at some point your wallet just doesn’t share your enthusiasm.
  • Wasabi potatoes to pimp up your dinner January is over. Well, it’s nothing. Except for some it’s the end of their resolutions. And how about yours? My happiness jar is consequently getting fuller and other promises I made to myself are also, laboriously, kept. And yet I found one more resolution to keep.
  • Vegan cauliflower burger I have been thinking about vegan burgers for a while now. I think mostly because lately I’ve seen such beautiful cauliflowers in the shop and was looking for an excuse to buy it. Well, and so I bought it. I also bought some rucola, potatoes and fresh parsley.
  • Brussels sprouts curry! I like to experiment in the kitchen. Always have. Mixing the ingredients with only the idea of what may come up. Most of the times it’s something good, with very inviting smell, forcing my stomach to grumble. Sometimes..
  • Christmas pâté not only for vegan! It is 4 days until christmas. The gingerbread cookies are already gone, the christmas tree stands tall and shiny. And I slowly check the content of the cupboards, so as not to be unpleasantly surprised when I’m in the middle of cooking for the christmas feast. It is also time to check if any of […]
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