Veggie casserole!

DSC_6760I’m probably late again. Can’t really say why, but the first Advent caught me without the tree or any christmas decorations whatsoever. I have a feeling I’m the only one not talking about christmas yet. To my defence I can say I’ve been to the christmas market. Actually 4, but since in Munich every city district has its own christmas market, you will stumble upon a few, whether you want it or not. But more about later!

My next recipe isn’t very christmassy either, but it’s good for any occasion and any season. It’s also a very practical idea when you don’t really know what to do with that old paprika :)

DSC_6779To serve 4 you need:

2 paprikas (red or red and yellow)

500g broccoli

1 onion

400g grated cheese

200g champignions

chive and parsley to garnish

Preheat the oven to 180º. Wash the broccoli, cut in florets and boil for few minutes.

Cut the onion, paprika and champignions. Oil a heat resistant dish and fill with the broccoli, so the florets are tight placed at the bottom. Sprinkle with cheese. Place the paprika on top and sprinkle the cheese again. Place the onion on top, cover with cheese, then distribute the champignions. Cover with cheese, put the lid on, and bake for 30min. Sprinkle with fresh herbs before serving.



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