Something for the christmas menu? Try this meatloaf!

DSC_6963So the holidays are radpidly approaching. It’s slowly time to start ordering gifts or doing the gift shopping personally, to be sure to get everything on time. And it’s also time to start thinking about the menu! For those spending christmas with parents and the whole family it’s maybe not that stressful. You know, mothers know best and can handle family diners like a pro, with tried and safe recipes everyone knows and likes.

The challenge begins when you are the one having everyone over. Since christmas is once a year everyone want it to be perfect, from decorations down to the menu. If you’re not to serving goose this holidays, I have something you will love! And not only for christmas!

DSC_6970It serves 4-6.  Prepration time: ca 30min   Bake time: 30min.

500g mixed mushrooms

500g minced meat (mixed or  beef)

1 egg

1tsp mustard

40g sundried tomatoes

1 onion

1 tsp cayenne pepper

500g potatoes

3 garlic cloves

2 tbsp vegetable fat

1 day old roll or 2 tbsp breadcrumbs

1 tsp herbs de Provence

250g low fat cream

bunch of fresh parsley

Preheat the oven to 200ºC. Clean the mushrooms and cut into 1,5cm big pieces. Cut the dried tomatoes into stripes and then cut in halve. Peel the garlic and the onion and cut into fine cubes.

Heat the vegetable fat in a small pot and add the cut onion and garlic and let it cook. Add the mushrooms and the tomatoes, salt it and cook for 10 min. You can add some water. Put aside when ready. Peel the potatoes and cut into cubes.

Soak the roll in cold water until soft, then squeeze and mix in a bowl with minced meat, mustard, egg, herbs de Provence and pepper. Put the dough on a tin foil and form a 20x25cm rectangle.

Spread out the mushrooms along one egde of the dough and with the help of the tin foil form it to a roll. Place it in a casserole dish. Place the potatoe cubes along the meat roll.

Add the cream to the mushroom fond and bring to boil. Pour the liquid over the potatoes and place in the oven. Bake for 30-40min. Sprinkle with parsley before serving.





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