Gnocchi with radicchio and ricotta sauce

07Sometime during the past week we decided it would be good to clean the appartment. We thought about sorting out our closets, washing the windows, bringing some things to the basement, and some other spring cleaning stuff. Well, we thought if we start now, eventually we will be ready by the time Spring comes. That was the plan.

Since then the weather was pretty lousy, so the idea of washing the windows got postponed for a while. But I managed to organise the kitchen cupboards, and stubmled upon a pack of gnocchi, which we got the other day, for those times when we’re not in the mood to cook. I thought it felt like forever since the last time we had some of those. Normally I would probably prepare it with some tomato sauce, or try to experiment with basil butter, but this option is also something worth trying! The idea came to my mind while looking through some magazine and seeing a picture of gnocchi with radicchio salad. Well, this is not really a salad, but I definitely enjoyed it.

Preparations time: 15min   cook time: 15min

To serve 2 you need:

1 pack of gnocchi (ca 600g)

1 radicchio

1 garlic clove

150g of bacon

1 shallot

1 pack of ricotta (ca 200g)

150ml vegetable stock

pepper to taste 97

Cut the bacon in stripes and fry it in a pan. Add some oil and cook until crispy. Peel and cut the shallot in rings and add to the bacon along chopped garlic. Peel the radicchio into invidual leaves, wash them, and cut into stripes. Add to the bacon and let it cook for a minute. Pour the stock over and cook it on small heat for another minute or until the radicchio gets soft.

In the meantime cook the gnocchi in accordance to the packaging. Add the ricotta to the radicchio and the bacon, mix all, and let it cook for 2 minutes. Add some pepper to taste. When the gnocchi are ready, divide them on a plate, add the ricotta and radicchio sauce and serve. You can garnish it with fresh parsley. It taste very well with dry white wine.990008

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