Carrot cream soup with gorgonzola cream

karottensuppe9wsThe new year started and with it also a new week. And along with it my holiday is going to an end. It is probably the first time I really did nothing during that time. Ah the blissfulness of doing nothing. I actually wanted to sort out the stuff I have in the basement, but ever since I started to do a new puzzle that I got for Christmas it’s all I’ve been doing. And that’s about a week now. The whole floor is covered in bits and pieces and there is no end in sight yet, although the picture started to emerge. I didn’t even notice when it started to snow. So after a very self-indulgent holiday and Christmas, and with temperatures dropping to -16 degrees, I thought it would be best to start with a hot soup. Hot, very easy to prepare and with that little something thanks to Gorgonzola, it’s definitely not boring!

Serves 4-6

Preparation time: 10min                                              Cooking time: 20min

500g carrots

¼ celeriac

1 onion

2 red peppers

1L bullion

1 tbsp butter

100ml dry white wine

fresh thyme

150g crème fraîche

½ tsp nutmeg

200g cream

150g Gorgonzola

½ tsp cayenne pepper

salt to taste

karottensuppe5wsPeel the carrots, onion and celeriac. Wash the peppers and cut all the vegetables in big pieces. Move the paprika to a pot, pour 200ml of the stock and blend smooth.

Melt the butter in another pot and add the rest of the veggies. Sear it and pour the wine, the rest of the stock (800ml) and the paprika puree. Add a few sprigs of thyme and cook it over a small heat for 15- 20min.

After that time, take the thyme out, and puree the soup until smooth. Stir in the crème fraîche and season with salt, nutmeg and cayenne pepper.

Whip the cream with a pinch of salt until stiff. Cut the gorgonzola in small cubes, press through a sieve and stir under the cream. Garnish the soup with the gorgonzola cream and fresh thyme. karottensuppe1wskarottensuppe2wskarottensuppe3wskarottensuppe10ws

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