My mother’s pickled cucumber soup

Over the years of cooking and tasting new things and flavours, my list of favourite dishes is steadily evolving. One thing however didn’t change. And it’s the love for this soup. It was my favourite when I was a kid, and it didn’t change ever since. My mum used to make it from time to time, and it was the real highlight for me everytime we had it on the table. When I visit my parents I still ask her if she’d make it, and sometimes my wish gets granted. When I moved out, it took me few years to learn how to prepare it. Not because it is so difficult, but because for long time it was the sign that I’m coming home. Now when I know how to make it, it still brings back that feeling.

This recipe calls for pickled cucumber, but make sure you pick those pickled in a brine, not in vinegar. I’m sure not everyone likes the salty sour cucumbers, but if you are one of those who do like the taste, try this soup. Maybe it’ll become your favourite too.

If you’re not sure if you really want to invest 90min into this soup, use ready made beef broth, cook the potatoes and follow the recipe from this point.

Makes 1 large pot.

Cooking time: ca 90min

2 carrots

1 leek

1 onion

1 small

small parsley root

¼ celery root

3-4 bay leaves

4 berries allspice

½ tsp whole black pepper

fresh parsley or 1 tbsp dried

1 garlic clove

2L water

1 Jar of pickled cucumbers (at least 6 big cucumbers inside, around 330g)

360g potatoes (or 4 medium sized)

ca 500g of beef bones and trimmings

Peel and wash the vegetables and cut in cubes. Wash the bones and meat and move to 2L big pot. Add the vegetables, cover with water. Add the spices and let it cook over a medium heat for 1 hour. Peel the potatoes and cut into cubes. Move to a smaller pot and cook for ca 15min from the moment the water starts to boil. Drain and set aside.soup1ws

When the stock is ready, take out the meat and the vegetables. (You can reuse the vegetable making this vegetable pâté)

Add the potatoes to the soup and let it cook gently. In the meantime grate the cucumbers on a grater with big holes and add to the stock. soup3ws

soup4wsIncrease the temperature and let it cook for few minutes. Add the water from the cucumbers to enrich the flavour. Serve with a blob of whipping cream or creme fraiche, fresh parsley and a slice of bread.


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