• Winter salad with roasted vegetables Now that Christmas is over, it’s on to New Year’s Eve. It’s still 3 days left until then, but occasionally one can already hear firecrackers fired outside. Reminding that it’s time to decide how one wants to spend this evening. We decided to spend this New Year’s Eve with only few people, and I already […]
  • Poppy seed cake with pudding cream I have showed you an idea for a festive Christmas dinner, and today I’m going one step further, to show you something for the dessert. In my family, since I can remember, we used one ingredient which had to be included in all, or at least most, sweet things during Christmas. It’s poppy seeds.
  • What to cook this Christmas? How about this roast beef with baked apple crust. The first snow fell and the world starts looking like a winter wonderland again. We really enjoy this time of the year. Everything look so beautiful, well, at least as long as there is snow, and one can observe the first preparations for christmas. We already visited one christmas market and enjoyed hot glühwein with […]
  • Easy and simple walnut christmas cookies Do you know it’s 4 weeks until christmas? Time flies, I tell you that. In September I was a little bit annoyed seeing all the christmas decoration on the shop shelves, as I thought it was too early. But now, end of November, I’d say it’s about time to start baking gingerbread cookies. I, traditionally […]
  • Christmas muffins When do you start getting into the Christmas mood? Is there anything special that makes you feel like Christmas?
  • Christmas pâté not only for vegan! It is 4 days until christmas. The gingerbread cookies are already gone, the christmas tree stands tall and shiny. And I slowly check the content of the cupboards, so as not to be unpleasantly surprised when I’m in the middle of cooking for the christmas feast. It is also time to check if any of […]
  • Christmas gift ideas from the kitchen It’s about week before christmas. It’s the highest time to be ready with christmas cards and presents, if you want to avoid the christmas rush in shops. But I know from experience that the question what to get someone can be difficult. But have you tried giving someone something self made?
  • First christmas cookies! So the christmas spirit got also to me. Boxes with christmas decoration are already brought from the basement, I saw first christmas movie this year and the appartment also slowly looks more festive. Admittedly we stil hunt for the perfect tree, but that also should be solved soon.
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