Winter salad with roasted vegetables

Now that Christmas is over, it’s on to New Year’s Eve. It’s still 3 days left until then, but occasionally one can already hear firecrackers fired outside. Reminding that it’s time to decide how one wants to spend this evening. We decided to spend this New Year’s Eve with only few people, and I already know I’ll serve something lighter. Continue reading “Winter salad with roasted vegetables”

Zucchini rolls-my quick fix for starters

I don’t know about you, but I like having people over for diner. It creates an opportunity to bond, maybe exchange few gossips and feed my friends something tasty. And it is a great chance to clean the appartment too! However I know from experience that the “what should I serve as a starter?” question can be difficult. So today I want to present you … Continue reading Zucchini rolls-my quick fix for starters